• Is your company ready for the digital future?
  • Do your customers see you as a smart digital company?
  • You are not suffering from shortage in skilled employees?
  • Are your employees excited about your company?
  • Is your leadership team ready for the Future?
  • Are you flexible enough to react on the latest developments?

If NO is one of the answers you should invest 15-20 min. (32 Questions) for this survey. It’s predominantly about not about ICT related issues.

In return you will receive:

  1. Company profile on digital readyness
    You will receive a 16-page report to help you defining your priorities. You can see areas where your company is already well positioned and where you might want to take a step further.
  2. The final Study
    The study will summarize how well prepared companies are for the digital transformation. However, we will also offer you the possibility of benchmarking within industries. This allows you to estimate how you score  compared to your competitors in the market.

Survey Registration  

You will receive your personal link by e-mail after filling the Form. After Submitting the completed survey, we will send you your personal report within the next few days.

Once the study has been completed, we will inform you of the overall result by e-mail.